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De Rust Mobile Learning Story on Global Airwaves

October, 2010
 It is becoming clear to so many people that the De Rust Futura Academy's initiative to use mobile phones to improve literacy, is one of which careful note should be taken of. The school's grabbed the M-Ubuntu project's support with both hands and the Public Radio International's reporter, Anders Kelto went to the school to learn more about the project and published the story. Read and Listen Here.

New Project Planned for Grade 10

 1 August 2010, Stockholm, SWEDEN
  De Rust Futura's IT teacher, Mr Carlo Keuler, connected with Learning Academy Worldwide (LAW) earlier this week to finalize plans for the implementation of a project for the Grade 10 students where mobile phones will be used to gather video, audio and text data.
  In a SKYPE meeting with LAW in Sweden, Mr Keuler and director, Theophilus van Rensburg Lindzter, agreed to plan the project to demonstrate how the phones could raise participation levels of learners in Grade 10. Earlier this year, LAW supported the school with the phones, a laptop and accessories to help realize the projects.

M-Ubuntu Flash: 19th February 2010 Global Mobile Learning Conference Inspires

De Rust teachers and learners respond with enthusiasm to new technologies

  16 February, 2010
  Jessica Wakelin from TRIBAL saw enthusiastic learners and teachers embrace with eagerness the new technologies that came with the UK-based team on Monday.
  Her blog tells of a busy two days with more excitement on the way.

UK-based Mobile Learning Giant visits De Rust Futura

15 February, 2010 - Read story HERE

Matriculant Mobile Initiative

This year our Matriculants will connect with international coaches in the UK, the US and Sweden to prepare them for their final matric exam at the end of 2010.

It is an important year for our country as we host the World Cup Soccer. We want to start a legacy in this year that put our learners well on the way to becoming the kind of citizens that will not only make us proud but give them the sense that they have something of value to offer this our South Africa.

The Matriculant Mobile Initiative is our small step toward helping them achieve just that.

Sponsored by the Swedish-based Learning Academy Worldwide and the UK-based Mobile Learning giant, Tribal, the initiative starts in February 2010 where coaches from the UK will show our teachers how they can engage our learners in participatory learning through the use of Mobile phones.

It sounds revolutionary and maybe even unacceptable in the ears of the skeptics. But we believe that there is a place for these new technologies in our schools - combined with sound pedagogy and careful planning, these mobile devices can become useful in the hands of our learners.

Join us on this exciting journey for 2010.

The Principal
De Rust Futura